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Anti ageing deep stretching is the way to sculpt your body shape - and life

We should stretch our entire body to its full length on a daily basis. Marja, tell us why this is so important.

Muscles, when tight, become short and restrict our mobility. My own body structure with a weak lumbar spine demands that I maintain its functionality daily. I spent time figuring out how to best achieve this, searching for a solution made me think I should share this with others. My practice became part of my daily routine and is now second nature to me and a solution to dissolve my aches and pains away.

I felt so well and energised. This was my base when creating Marja’s Club model presenting a new way of exercising with the ’less is more’ concept, promising guaranteed wellbeing for its members.


The key to achieve great results is the small dose model.

To reach further I have found that in this Marja`s Club often and with small doses’ practice works.

I would confidently argue that in this forever evolving digital world us humans can not survive without daily and ongoing recovery. The very best way to achieve ideal wellbeing is deep stretching, but often.

It truly solves so many issues and problems for so many people. Yet, the real transformation requires the right amount of repetition. We need simply to know what is enough. Marja`s Club model is answering this very question.


Club member Pirjo shares with us how this type of training proved to be easier to ingest than the traditional way of exercising. What happened ?

Pirjo says: This new form ‘short sessions and often’ - formula works.

The daily practice proved to be very refreshing and much more effective than an intensive training that lasts a few months. As whatever I have achieved always gradually vanishes together with motivation.

In my previous practice I was committed but I had not fully understood the relationship between the exercises. The bigger picture was missing and I was exercising without purpose. This chipped away at my motivation as I could not see my potential. In Marja`s Club I have realized that stretching for stretching sake can lead to imbalance between muscle strength and flexibility. This was as I failed to see how to equally work on the muscle strength that supports our structure.

What is the best thing about Marja`s Club?

  • Learning - I have only just realized how much this practice has strengthened my understanding of my body as a whole and now as isolated exercises are interlinked to each other I can feel that makes all the difference.

  • Daily lessons/recordings offered on -line in short manageable doses have made it easy to fit this practice into my daily life. Digital access saves time. I can connect with Marja on a daily basis. I am now learning to also get more flexible, on my body's own terms.

  • Club offers support and its members feed off each other's energy and enthusiasm. (This does not mean I do not go to live classes at times. In fact it is this combination which is the best.) During our live online sessions exchanging ideas is motivating and encourages us further towards our goals. As we get to know each other better the team spirit rises and inspiration increases.

  • Quality of my life and wellbeing has vastly improved and so has my self esteem. I am more strong, flexible and agile than ever before. I can see that with this practice I can defy traditional concepts of aging, I really have lost years and feel better than I can even remember.

I warmly recommend Marja`s Club.



We will open the Club to new friends in the of the June. Stay tuned!
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