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Hip, hip, hooray – my hips are now well!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

My hips are now well Method Putkisto

It is said that mental health problems are still a taboo in our society and we prefer to talk about back problems or headaches rather than revealing any mental problems.

I don’t agree. Well, at least for me talking about hip problems is more of a taboo than talking about mental issues.

Or can you imagine anything as clearly related to aging than a sore hip? I can’t. And I haven’t yet reached the age for hip problems.

Announcing my hip problem would be declaring that I’m actually older than my real age.

Thanks to Method Putkisto, I started to realise that my hip problem is not (only) a sign of aging, but a sign of a malfunctioning hip joint, and the problem has always been there.

I just thought that it was normal, as I was so used to it.

When I was young, I used to practise gymnastics and jazz dance. I am naturally quite flexible (hypermobile joints) and it was easy for me to do both left and right leg front splits, but I was never able to do a side split, not even close. It was simply impossible. It didn’t hurt, but my hip joints were not moving sideways. It felt the same as trying to turn my knee backwards, it wouldn’t happen without breaking something!

It was in March, during the first lockdown, when I started doing Method Putkisto online lessons a couple of times a week. I also did long walks during my lunch breaks. This all resulted in a very sore hip joint. The more I exercised, the worse my hip was.

Great, welcome hip replacement!

In July I participated in Marja Putkisto’s International Summer Course. During one of the lessons, I had my ”Hip – moment”. I felt that somehow my hip joints were placed slightly differently, and it felt so good.

This was done by very slow, targeted stretching while connecting the trochanter, head of femur and the sacrum. It was more about focusing and visualising, rather than actual movement. And it was very effective.

I continued doing these small and targeted exercises regularly and after two months my hip pain was gone. Hip, hip, hooray!

You might ask now, if I am able to do the side split? Sorry, I can’t, but I have no pain and I feel that my hips are better positioned than ever before.

My pelvis is starting to find its’ neutral, optimal position and I’m starting to find out my way to my optimal posture and freedom of movement.

by Marjaana Myllyniemi Method Putkisto Instructor Trainee

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