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Join me at the Finnish body-mind practice

Updated: Mar 28

I always feel a wonderful vibration in my body when Autumn comes. Nourished by the summer sun, I'm ready for something new.

exercise weekly body and mind with Marja Putkisto

Do you perhaps feel the same desire for renewal? Do you love to challenge yourself intellectually - like a puzzler? Would you like to get to know something new about your body? Are you inspired of small changes that will over time change your life.

If any of above rises curiosity, I warmly invite you to try Marja’s Club, where I work as a hostess.

Marja’s Club is online practice giving you time to improve your body daily. Why not to allow yourself to enjoy it?

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • to rhythm your life in a new way

  • Marja teaches you the art of recovery and removing the stress (exactly what we all need)

There you will meet and work with like-minded people - despite the distances. Uniqueness of this Club is less is more.

The tools that Marja shares in her Club have a lifetime guarantee, if you are willing to use them, they will not rust.

You just have to dare to make space for yourself and surrender to the journey to freedom of movement.

Create a routine in your life, achieve more with less

In 1 week - you will feel the change

In 4 weeks - you will see a change

In 6 weeks - others will see the change

In 3 months - your essence has changed.

"When the daily conditioning of your body naturally becomes the center of your life, you have achieved what Marja’s Club is all about." - Marja Putkisto


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