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Give your looks a buzz! No more saggy cheeks or tight lips!

This is how Marja Putkisto tells us how beauty is a balancing act between softness and firmness. When your face is soft or tight in just the right places - that's what facial beauty is all about!

Lips are in fashion, there is a real lip trend going on. We want them to be soft, baby like, sexy and visible.

However the moment when stress hits us, in no time our lips tighten and our faces will follow. Gone is our youthful look and, when looking at the mirror, we can really get scared: It's terrifying when the corners of our lips fall downwards and our cheeks start to sag!

The muscles of the cheeks and lips are muscles that express our emotions. When this tight or saggy expression becomes a habit, over time, the lips narrow. Yes, tensing and tightening the face will thin the lips.

As a solution to thin lips, or for anyone who is unhappy with their appearance, there are filler treatments on offer. Yes, you can also get fuller lips using lip oils or microcurrent technology and improve your looks. In fact it is an instant and easy way to improve your looks.

But there are also simple ways to naturally boost your looks. This is the moment when beauty meets wellness. Why not learn the natural way to achieve the same.

Why not plump up your lips simply with facial exercising!

You may be surprised! It is worthwhile to question and be curious as the facial exercise does not cost a fortune. It offers you a pain free and pleasant, if not wonderful, way to improve the shape of your lips. And it gets better, as beyond all external results, your relationship with your lips and face will improve.

This is the most important thing; to know your own face on a completely new level.

The way we use our lips to communicate our desires tells how willing we are. They simply reveal our inhibitions. That's why lip gym is a big deal!

Now to the technique. What makes the FACE UP face exercising different?

You can do so many things with your mouth and lips, like pulling your lips into a funnel, lifting the corners of your mouth towards your eyes or pulling your lips horizontally to the sides.

Much more important than pulling your face is the overall balance of the face, creating harmony and balance which is always attractive.This you can achieve when learning how the lips work in cooperation with the other muscles in your face.

Would you like thicker lips or a balanced face?

I love to teach you how to maintain your youthfulness and how the balance of your face can be improved.

In this mini facial course, I will teach you the first steps of how to maintain the shape of your lips. You may have forgotten how to use your lips in the first place.

The muscle around them is a shape of the ring forming the focal point of the face. The shape of the lips can be improved by moving the muscles away from the lips in all directions. It takes time to learn this but, when you do, this allows you to maintain that feminine/masculine sensual look that is certainly more youthful than that stuck-on tight expression, which we do not want to creep into our faces.

Because everything is connected, let's continue the story to cheeks and jowl!

The movement of the lips are anchored to the cheek muscles and the cheeks to the spark of the eyes. No wonder the face begins to look charming and that look is what really captures attention: simply lift yourself with your smile and sparkly eyes.

The movement of the lips are anchored to the cheek muscles and the cheeks to the spark of the eyes. No wonder the face begins to look charming and that look is what really captures attention: simply lift yourself with your smile and sparkly eyes.

Cosmetic surgery or facial exercises? Fix sagging cheeks

How do we exercise? Well, let the shot shimmer to your face simply with tapping and you can soon feel how the warmth floats up to your cheeks. We want that luminous colour floating up from the shoulders and décolleté all the way to the cheekbones, simply with breathing as FACE UP is exercising that improves your circulation.

When activating the cheeks we will always create a positive expression on our faces. The expression of a frown requires a large number of muscles assisted by gravity and therefore it is easy to maintain a frown.

To maintain your beauty is like battling between strong and weak or soft and tense.

Only a few muscles are needed to smile, but because they have to work against gravity, they become tense when they are weaker than those strong grinding muscles. The jaw tension is another story and before even going there, let's just stay on this ‘rosy cheeks’ level. For this very reason the proper use of the cheek muscles is a big deal!

The face becomes more beautiful when the lips are moved by the cheeks and because your eyes are smiling. Cheeks make the face beautiful! This too is what we are practicing on my course.

This is what I offer: I will teach you how to soften those lips, firm those saggy cheeks and, most of all, how to enjoy your face - as that can make us happier!

Mini online courses offer you a solution and are targeted specifically to a problem. My next ‘Beautiful cheeks and lips - minicourse’ offers you just that.

Join me and we will soon smile together - with soft lips!

Love Marja


Fact box

  • Our cheeks tell us whether we are happy or unhappy.

  • The cheekbone area is delicate, showing skin fragility or damage. Excessive sun and wind cause small blood vessels to break down and the first signs of skin peeling are in the cheekbones.



  • Keep your cheekbones vibrant and active.

  • Activate the blood flow to your lips and keep the muscles around your lips in good condition.

  • Pay attention to the use of your cheek muscles and clarify your articulation; control your cheeks and lips when forming words.


Mini exercise for you to try

  • Close your mouth, press your lips together, then suck them inwards towards your mouth.

  • Maintain tension for 5-10 seconds. Inhale and relax by blowing air out between your lips.

  • Repeat a few times and finally pat and smack your lips!



Beautiful cheeks and lips - minicourse starts 21st August 2022.

In this course you will learn exercises to firm those sagging cheeks and plump up chiseled lips.


  • Live session with Marja Putkisto

  • an online course with instructional videos for the exercises

Registration will open soon, stay tuned!

©Method Putkisto

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