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Is the price you pay too high to tone, firm and lift your face?

Updated: May 9, 2022

How about if this requires just you, your own hands and most of all your mind?

Let’s remove the worry about ageing and anxiety about wrinkles. Time to take your beauty into your own hands and gain independence and 'reclaim' something where we often feel powerless.

You can do more on your own, and even lift your face without expensive investments. Exercise to bring a radiance, glow and youthfulness to your face.

The Method Putkisto Face UP is Marja's new 6-week program dedicated to couture, toning, firming and balancing your face. We are looking for open minded beauty enthusiasts for this pilot programme. Are you one?


Questions for Marja, facial exercise pioneer, innovator, specialist and instructor:

Why did you develop the Face UP Facial Beauty exercise programme?

We have too few tools to deal with our own appearance. Although we are familiar with beauty care, how else we can look after, or even, carry our appearance is not taught.

I wanted to create a programme that would remove the hardness from the face and restore feminine softness and bring out sympathy. This inner beauty, which has been difficult to define in the past, has seen results in its users and it now makes me particularly happy and proud.

And it does so much more:

  • Lifts and shapes the facial muscles

  • Smoothes and relaxes the shoulders

  • Brightens and refreshes the eyes

  • Firms the face, reduces a double chin, improves the shape of the lips and cheeks

  • Teaches you how to use your eye muscles in a new way that enhance your features

  • Eliminates brain fog

What do we gain from Face UP? Tell us about the results?

The programme rejuvenates, relaxes the face and the whole body. It eliminates the widow's hump, firms the jawline and reduces bags around the eyes.


You say it is also a well-being programme?

The Face UP programme alleviates, and even eliminates, chronic stress, improves the quality of sleep and removes aches and pain.


What is the essence of the Face UP programme?

First the length - 6 weeks, secondly the light technique and thirdly that Face UP is comparable to brain training and shows how beauty cannot be achieved by vigorous facial gymnastics, but by working 'from the inside out'. Good question: what is beauty? Look here .


Tell us more on how to achieve the results?

FACE UP is a holistic experience about connections of the muscles, not individual exercises. It takes time to internalise the movements. Something you just need to experience and practise. You can do more with less if you just know the right technique. The first step before strengthening the muscles is to relax them. This is why we also need to be in tune with our face. During the process we systematically activate and connect new ways to use the facial muscles.


Tell us Marja, is it true that we really can improve our facial muscular structure by exercising?

Indeed, often the strong grinding muscles take over the weaker expression muscles.

Finally the new muscle memory will carry your looks but also your voice and, in fact, your whole personality.


What makes this a unique facial exercise programme?

Face UP programme brings out 'that something' in your features that can undeniably be called beauty. The programme incorporates visualisation and offers a 3D system which has been approved by its users as a “miracle formula" - a system which has been proven to work and beautify its users.

The exercises can be applied to everyday life and are found particularly useful for various situations which require face to face presentation, simply: when you need to look amazing!


Users say that Face UP is an excellent way to increase self-esteem, why is this more important than smoothing out wrinkles?

Good self-esteem shows and is a major factor in your appearance. In practice, it is positive and an empowering feeling to learn how to control your facial expressions. All this together makes you a more sympathetic and beautiful person.


Finally, who is this program for?

Method Putkisto Face UP is for anyone who cares about their appearance and is willing to invest in learning a lifelong skill. These exercises should be part of every digital device's use.


Let's hear from our clients. Is it true that the programme rejuvenates, firms and improves appearance?

"What a pleasure, when I close my eyes, it feels absolutely wonderful how my face feels. I now touch, press and pat your face. I think a few years of my face have been smoothed out during these weeks." Reija

"I've really been thinking about who I am and what beauty is. My eye brow line has improved dramatically. My arms have found the right place as my shoulders are starting to come into their own. My neck feels longer and my head really sits on top of my atlas." Jaana

"I also feel good when I know how quickly I can influence my own skin tone and how to get rid of bags under my eyes." Pirkko

“My facial expressions now make others feel better. I am motivated to keep practising my face.” Pirkko

“… how easy it was to get the results. The exercises are simple but effective.'' Pirjo

“Relaxing the face and keeping it relaxed is a big thing. Jaana

“I think the progression is brilliant. The exercises work. I now use my face in a new way and it shows!”




Face UP, a 6-week programme, is part of the Method Putkisto 3D Natural Facial Clinic concept and holistic body care through the face. Method Putkisto teaches you the skills to shape, lift and balance your face independently. Look more here.

‘’On the left is my mother Eila Auer, whose facial expressions I have unknowingly copied. This is how mirror cells work. My mother was a singer and soprano. I followed her singing session when I was a little girl. It was the warm up for the voice that we now use in the Face UP programme. ‘’


Calling for pioneers and influencers to test the FACE UP programme! Now it is your turn. Are you the pioneer, influencer we are looking for?

Our new programme will be launched officially for the international market.

Our aim is that beauty will bring together a group of pioneers on a journey to discover the heart of their own beauty.

This new 6-week online training programme starts on 29th of May 2022.

Now £127. Normal Price £193. You are saving 33%.

© Method Putkisto

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