Teaching you self-care, mindfulness, muscle-memory and how to improve your looks!

I can vouch for it!

The Method Putkisto Face exercise concept is one of my favourites. It’s literally hands on: with your fingers you explore your facial muscles and work on relaxing and realigning them. Afterwards you look quite different, and much better for it. But it is also conceptual: you are told (Marja is telling you) to smile with your palate, and to imagine a diamond on your forehead, illuminating not just your face, but your whole personality. And another diamond on your sternum is lifting you up.

I am thinking of my diamonds while I brushing my teeth in the morning (you can do a lot of things at the same time and still clean your teeth properly. My hygienist will confirm it!). I am smiling with my palate and think of my diamonds sitting at my desk while staring out of the window during a lull. Almost instantly, I feel my brow un-knitting, my jaw unclenching and my mood improving. I love it!

Beatrice Larsen

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