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Elevating my Spine to Higher Levels

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

It was not until I discovered Method Putkisto purely by chance, that I really began to understand the importance and power of the mind, accompanied by a true awareness of the body. I began to experience something quite different, something new and rather unique.

I had reached a stage where I felt so tired and stagnated in my body – physically tense, often mentally stressed, and with a constant aching in my back, neck and shoulders… which I later learnt was as a result of some misalignment in my spine.

I had tried so many ways to release some of the tension and aching in my body, especially in my spine, upper back, shoulders and neck, which built up over many years of sitting down and putting constant pressure on my spine, while not always sitting in a correct posture.

It was the way Marja instructed and invited us to move, to stretch and explore the more subtle but also tangible aspects of our body, when focusing on the different movements, stretches and positions, whilst also using the breathing as a key tool in every moment, that engaged me fully. I realised how mindful her approach really is.

She introduced me to key ideas and concepts of the Method to assist with my understanding, approach and engagement with each exercise. This opened up for me a whole new way of consciously visualising, creating and making connections in the body, using the mind to build a greater awareness of the intention, focus and the outcome of each stretch, movement or exercise, which then creates a more powerful, direct and dynamic way of strengthening the body. I am able to consciously deepen the connection and feedback within my own body using the different tools and elements of the Method, and amazingly I can instantly feel, and often even physically see, the direct benefits and results in my body, after having carried out a simple deep stretch on specific areas of the body.

Today I am able to focus and ground me, enhance my balance, posture and coordination (the first & last of these had always been very good) and utilise my body more strongly and also consciously – both in a physical, mental and also emotional capacity...

I have a personal background in Architecture, Yoga, Dance and Photography, and also a professional relationship with all but one of these fields – dancing.

I enjoyed the MP studio classes led by Marja so much, that I decided to embark on the MP Instructor training in Autumn 2019, and since then I have been learning so much more about the different approach and the guiding principles that make up this unique system of stretching, breathing and strengthening, coupled with a much greater understanding of the human body, and indeed while continuing to tune into to the sensations and changes in my own body.

What more could anybody wish for in oneself - a happy, healthy, strong, supportive structure in our body, both physically and mentally, which I would venture, should form the most solid foundation of everything else we do in life.

I would certainly recommend you try out this unique method for yourself and begin to feel the many benefits it can bring you even after your first time. Find out more HERE.

Jonathan Freeman, Method Putkisto Trainee Instructor

Join Marja’s online A Strong & Mobile Back 6 week course - starts Monday 28th February 2022. Find our more HERE

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