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In August, remove life's obstacles - Recover in 5 weeks. The Fire Up program includes new skills that "everyone should master."

Recover in 5 weeks

The silent epidemic called procrastination is spreading. Why does it hinder joy and weaken everyone’s strength? In August, we will fight against it. This autumn, we will no longer be alone and exhausted but vibrant together!

Procrastination is merely a symptom. What causes it, and what does it lead to? It is genuinely worrying: underlying procrastination is stress, which, when chronic, is dangerous and affects many levels.

These include:

  • Physical health. Stress causes health problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Chronic stress weakens the immune system and makes one susceptible to illnesses.

  • Mental health. Stress increases anxiety and depression, often leading to burnout. New information shows difficulties in concentration, memory, and decision-making. Those suffering from stress are recognisable: everyone avoids a snappy person, aggressiveness provokes resistance, social withdrawal is a more severe symptom, and passive aggression is the worst. When drugs or alcohol come into play, it’s an entirely different problem level.

  • Productivity. Procrastination slows down or even prevents what we want to achieve. When tasks are delayed, urgency joins in, and forgetfulness and mistakes cause damage. Procrastination shakes and breaks trust and undermines self-esteem.

Frustration comes into play when even small tasks are left undone by the procrastinator. We all feel guilty about our inability to complete tasks on time, knowing that stress and procrastination cost society. We also know that stress and procrastination affect both individuals and businesses. So, what can be done?

Are there ways to reduce stress and eliminate procrastination?

Time management training is offered, aiming to make us more efficient. It’s true that prioritisation is essential, but how about learning polyrhythmics or simply the skills of being present?

Mindfulness-type stress reduction techniques are popular. They include meditation, yoga, and, alongside Method Putkisto deep stretching, exercise and walking in the forest. But what if we add resistance? Perhaps underutilising our strength is the real stressor!

Experts confirm: “Lower stress levels improve physical and mental health, reduce personal healthcare costs, and improve quality of life.” That’s why recovery is urgently needed every day of our lives. We must recover from everything we do. Physical exertion can be eased, but it’s also necessary. Mental load accumulates if the pressure cannot be relieved. Many get lost in brain fog!

The Fire Up, Recover in 5 Weeks programme provides ways to alleviate stress, so procrastination doesn’t become a habit. Procrastination affects everything and everyone! We will undoubtedly feel better when we tackle tasks instead of waiting and postponing them.

What does recovery really mean?

Simply put, it means restoring strength. When you remove stiffness, you restore flexibility. When you nourish your body, you gain strength, and when you care for your mind, you become invigorated and learn new things.

The skill of daily recovery is needed constantly! Our lives are changing at an accelerating pace, increasing the demands placed on us. Stress is our everyday acquaintance, which we are supposed to shed at the end of the day. Recovery restores our ability to engage in tasks, immerse ourselves in action, be courageous, make decisions, and endure uncertainty. It’s also needed for perseverance, so we keep things in mind and learn new things! For this purpose, I developed the Recover in 5 Weeks, Fire Up programme, which is now available to everyone.

Did you know that before recovery can begin, the body must be brought to a neutral state? This is a state where the brain starts to understand what’s happening. Recovery isn’t possible unless the brain receives the necessary signal to start it. In the worst case, the brain can remain in a constant state of activity. Then you don’t rest even while you sleep!

Recover in 5 weeks

What is the Fire Up programme?

The Fire Up, Recover in 5 Weeks programme teaches the skill of continuous recovery. It provides you with tools to regulate your energy levels, whether it's time to relax or get active.

The programme brings new energy to your life and gives you the tools to manage your own energy. We perform physical exercises, each designed for a specific problem area. You’ll learn how a single exercise can influence your mood and balance your state of mind.

The programme is divided into five parts, each containing five exercises. We go through them together. While technicality is important, as you begin to feel and notice sensations in your body, you learn to impact your own stamina. The recovery programme also includes questions that help you identify surprising and often unnoticed factors that burden your life. Recovery is enhanced by beautiful scenery, togetherness, occasional coffee breaks, and experiencing the matter with new friends.

Examples of recovery programme exercise areas include sleep exercises to help when it's hard to fall asleep, brain exercises to clear the mind since they relate to neurohealth and balancing the nervous system, and energy exercises that boost your strength, making you feel lighter, stronger, and more flexible.

Who is the Fire Up recovery programme suitable for?

This programme is designed for everyone to increase joy in everyday life. It is best suited for those surviving life's chaos, those living through busy years, and anyone tackling daily tasks. It truly is for everyone!


-Marja Putkisto


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