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From Fracture to Rapture

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Does Method Putkisto deliver on its ambitious aims to align and balance the body and mind? Over the last decade, MP has proved invaluable in taking my well-being to the next level - my flexibility has increased, my posture is more aligned and my mental and physical balance are much improved. But how does MP perform under pressure, when the unforeseen happens?

It was a beautiful autumn day to cycle through the park to the pool. I was marvelling at the colours and the clear morning light, when suddenly my bike slid from under me, skidding on a pile of leaves. In a split second, I landed heavily on my hip, feeling as if one side of my pelvis was rammed into the other. Determined to carry on as usual I stumbled on and went for my swim but it soon became apparent that while swimming was possible, walking was not. A trip to A & E confirmed a fractured bone at the front of my pelvis.

After practising MP regularly for some years, I knew it was important to stay mobile and also to avoid unbalancing my body by excessively compensating for the injury. MP has also encouraged me to be philosophical about apparently negative events, so I was able to create mental space between me and my injury and see it as something temporary, as well as perhaps an opportunity to get to know my own body better. I had signed up for the full weekly MP timetable and this allowed me to tune into my body every day and find out where I could push myself and where I needed to hold back, as the injury gradually improved.

Marja has helped many people with physical issues over the years, including knee and hip injuries. I had originally come to MP, not for recuperation, but because I loved the fact that it stretched and elevated me, mentally as well as physically. Now my regular MP practice became an invaluable part of the healing process, providing an opportunity to stretch, lengthen and align every day.

With MP, I take responsibility for my own well-being and energy levels. I can even see that a fall can become a starting point for the next adventure.

Perhaps an unforeseen fall can be seen as a metaphor for the destabilising effects of uncertainty and change that has been such a feature of 2020. The Method offers a way to focus both inwards and outwards, to get to know your own body and also to be aware of where you are in the world. This sounds like a grand claim but in 2020 MP has given me a sense of autonomy and hope in a very unstable world. Marja has embraced the world of Zoom, so now anyone can join her classes – highly recommended!

By Meredith White, Method Putkisto Instructor

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