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Struggling with stiffness or being energised?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Sharon Lamb Method Putkisto Instructor

I discovered Method Putkisto in 2006 in Turkey at the beautiful Dionysos hotel on what I believed was going to be a week of “Finnish” Yoga. The promise was to feel better, ease tension, have more energy, be more relaxed - it sounded perfect if somewhat unlikely! All that it just a week?

I had been struggling for some time with shoulder pain and tension across my shoulders which limited my mobility in that area, I also suffered lower backache and stiffness from time to time.

I had tried various treatments but found these only eased the discomfort temporarily and weren't improving the problem long term.

Inspiration for the method- I found myself immersed for the week under the inspirational guidance of Marja Putkisto and her two wonderful Finnish assistants, in an amazing routine of deep stretching, deep breathing and deep strengthening exercises.

I found Marja’s intuition amazing and her creative approach fascinating.

I was astounded to find that during such a short time I experienced such dramatic results.

My posture had improved, my stiffness had eased, the tension in my shoulders had released, my energy levels had increased and I felt so much more relaxed! I’m not exaggerating if I say the experience was

Method is life changing. To be so much more comfortable in my body was such a revelation to me that I decided I couldn’t let this go and had to continue following the MP 30 day programme when I returned home…

Training - The benefits continued so I decided I had to learn more and embarked on a year-long training course (travelling to Richmond in Surrey from Newcastle regularly!) training with the founder of the Method, the lovely Marja Putkisto.

My initial intention was to study for my own personal development but having such a positive experience myself I became very keen to help others discover what following the Method could do for them. I began teaching and I found that I really enjoyed working with people and I got a real buzz from seeing their transformations, sharing their pleasure in this, and guiding them along their own journey.

Since my initial training I have assisted Marja on many occasions including the Turkey break where I had first discovered MP.

I always learn things from any contact with her and Marja continues to be an absolute inspiration to me. I really wanted to give my North East clients an opportunity to experience Marja’s MP first hand and so I organised a weekend workshop in Northumberland and Marja was kind enough to bring her MP magic to the North East. The weekend was a great success, we all learnt so much and my clients were inspired on so many levels. My thirst for knowledge dictated that I continued to study and I completed training in Method Putkisto Face School and MP Pilates….. I had soon become an “official member of the posture police”, ask any member of my family or friends!

The secret for me is the logical, holistic approach to a healthy body, this is what appealed to me from the beginning and is my guiding philosophy now.

Teaching this principal is wonderful because of the fact that it is beneficial to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level and it really should be the foundation for all other forms of exercise. I love the mind & body connection aspect of MP - it is like a mindfulness practise which makes it both relaxing and fulfilling.

MP has been incorporated into my family life, my husband, two children and their partners all share in the benefits of MP and even my 3 year old grandson is also very keen to join in with me when I'm stretching. My elderly relatives have also benefited in a variety of ways, from breathing exercises helping with lung problems to rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery.

This has made me realise that prevention is much much better than cure and I live my life now encouraging everyone to look after their body and minds and hopefully prevent future problems.

Getting to know my own body and understand how it interconnects and works is a fascinating life long journey which I am very happily following - there is always more to discover and learn. The human body is fascinating and I am very grateful to Marja Putkisto for opening the door and making this complex fascinating subject accessible and showing me the way to help.

Finally - I have met some amazing people through Method Putkisto and made some very good friends which is an absolute joy and privilege.

by Sharon Lamb, Method Putkisto Instructor, Northumberland

- Join Marja’s online A Strong & Mobile Back 6 week course as part of our Spring 2022 sessions - starts 28th February.

© Method Putkisto


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