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Looking for a NEW, unique gift for you and your loved ones?

How about moving from fatigue and stiffness to feel amazing?

This is the very first time you can ever even consider offering ‘spine rebooting’ as a Christmas gift!

How about having a real natural face lifting session together?

Both experiences you will never forget!

What a super gift to give to your friends, family and - to yourself. Anyway this is a guaranteed way to leave stiffness and stress behind and step into feeling refreshed and energised.

So much is on offer and yet time has changed. Many of us are in isolation and it is difficult to see each other and suddenly touch has higher value.

To give a touching present is the way forward:

To feel full from top to toe is possible. If you work out together this gives you a way to share something special and experience it together.

Of course it is great to rejuvenate your looks and give an oxygen boost to your brain. This is going to be a lovely experience!

Learn, experience and enjoy - in the same way as thousands of Finns.

You will soon understand why Marja Putkisto has been a top name in her home country, Finland, for over 30 years.

This is the first time everyone can enjoy Marja’s teaching. Her method is a simple way out from the ‘what to do next’ situation or ‘something is missing’ practice. Reach the deepest core but in an ever so simple way. Only what you need is an open mind - as this is a way of exercising that you may never have experienced before.

These are gifts you won’t be able to get anywhere else!

Choose your favourites here:


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