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More important than ever to know - Where you are and Who you are! Time to Tune in, Tune up

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

By Meredith White

Method Putkisto helps you to get to know your own body. It seems more important than ever to have a good idea of where and who you are!

For myself, when I’m feeling disoriented it helps to feel my feet on the ground and to be able to orientate myself in space and time, using MP movements. The movements give me a starting point and a sense of direction - through language and visual cues I’m able to make connections within my own body.

This is why I see this Finnish Method Putkisto as a movement method which is mindful and which helps us to tune into the intelligence of the body. It can help with physical challenges, such as back pain and stiffness; it can counteract the effects of sitting at a computer, and it reminds us to take care of our bodies and minds. Someone told me recently that since doing MP she no longer needs to visit her chiropractor, as she has learned what her own body needs.

Method Putkisto online classes give me an understanding of what my body needs and this is invaluable. In a time of uncertainty, it gives me something positive and authentic to hold on to. With a weekly schedule of shorter and longer classes, I can fit them into my day and they help to give structure to my week.

I need that regular reminder to listen to my own body - to tune in, tune up and return to the rest of my day refreshed, relaxed and energised.

Join Marja’s online Strong and Mobile Back 6 week course starts Monday 28th February 2022. Read more HERE

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