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The secret to feeling and looking amazing - breathe your body beautiful

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

A wonderful skill for life is conscious breathing. Its benefits are immediate.

Life is often lived in the fast lane. We need to adapt, learn new things, be agile, flexible and resilient. No wonder most of us breathe inefficiently. The problem is that we thereby lose out on a lot of energy. The reason being is that we tend to use only the upper part of our lungs, forget - or are even unable - to breathe deep down into the stomach. This means we do not use our diaphragm properly.

We breathe poorly especially when we are stressed. All signs of underlying stress are often deeply rooted. Poor breathing can manifest itself through symptoms like neck pain, tense muscles, overall discomfort and fatigue. The sooner we break bad habits and relieve them from the negative build up, the better.

The list of advantages of efficient breathing is ‘breathtaking’.

Breathing skills offer a way to optimise any performance In life. Starting from gaining greater mental capacity, calmness and managing stress in daily situations. When breathing properly the reason for well-being is simple: As your body absorbs more oxygen you will have more energy. Yes, pure elixir and power for life, but there is more which is more unknown: did you know how powerful a tool breathing is to improve your body shape?

This is when the technique plays a vital part. Method Putkisto is a Finnish method that specialises in breathing with the motto: ‘’Only with carefully chosen movements integrated with breathing exercises do we gain real benefits from any breathing practice.’’

Only when you become aware of your breathing, will you be able to manage it to your benefit? The following sounds obvious, but I strongly believe everyone should learn the following Method Putkisto breathing techniques.

Why do Method Putkisto breathing techniques all have names related to the moon and sun?

The moon has such a pulling power that it moves the waters towards itself. So the names are symbolic, however, women's circulation follows the moon. In the Finnish language, the moon is the same as the month. This literally translates itself as ‘moon periods’, we have 12 ‘moon periods’.

Breathing is not only about being relaxed. HALF MOON is conscious breathing for the strength of the diaphragm - so important for health. FULL MOON teaches you to relax and improve your metabolism. SUNSET is not only the breathing to calm your mind and control stress, but teaches you how and when breathing really becomes a source of strength, building a functional abdominal corset (read flat stomach). Last, but not least, is the MOON CRESCENT, sustaining breathing techniques - my favourite as you can reshape your waistline, instantly.

All this together improves, not only your use of the diaphragm but your body shape and stretching. As there is no return to the old lifestyle or ways we can all become aware of how this change deeply touches each and every one of us. By becoming a little bit stronger and taking back control you will find you can enjoy so many important things in your life. Let’s be energetic and be ready to build the future - together!

Love and sisu, Marja

TIP: Relaxing towards your stress is the best way to direct energy. You can always breathe out a little bit longer and pause at the end of the exhalation. We talk about seconds that can turn everything around. This alone will change your life.

Marja's new 6 week course Breathe your body beautiful starting Monday 31st October 2022.

© Method Putkisto

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