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Did you know you can use your voice to naturally lift your face?

We know that body language is a powerful communication tool that we can use to make an impact, but did you know that if your voice is in the wrong place, your face will drop and your stomach will protrude?

We work on our singing voice? But what about our speaking voice?

"What do I mean by not talking correctly? What does it mean if your talking voice is not in the right place?”

Many of us also need conditioning. Just think for a moment what a strained, raspy, or dropping voice sounds like. Then think about the placement of the voice and how this affects the face? Compare this to facial expressions and looks when a normal speaking voice is clear and resonant.

Reposition your voice and enjoy the improved looks.

Clarity comes from articulation and voice placement.

It is like we paint our emotional states with our voice. Emotions lead our facial expressions. In a split second, the voice reveals joy, sadness, anger, insecurity, mood and even attitude. When the voice and facial expressions support each other it's easy to express yourself. The phrase 'standing behind what you say' also refers to the posture needed to produce a healthy voice. This should not be confused with 'putting on a face', i.e. trying too hard to look like ‘lovely', ‘gentle’ ‘cute’ etc. This only provokes irritation.

Presence - creates charisma!

Our voice is always our ‘business card’ and your face represents you. The use of our facial muscles frames our voice and sums up our personality. Self awareness is part of our charisma, its acquisition is power.

Change - This does not always require more than a moment of genuine unbroken presence.

Human interaction - Your gaze leads the movement, but your voice touches the soul.

Each letter must stand out in speech. When the voice carries, there is no wasted energy in producing it. The voice placement must be stable and to achieve this often requires simple practical facial exercises. This way you become aware and over time you can improve the tone of your voice and the form of articulation.

This is the most interesting part of my FACE UP facial exercise programme, but also the most rewarding as you will not only look better but also sound better.

From time to time, it's good to ask how your ability to express yourself through your face and voice is developing.

Why not include voice practice as part of your life? The use of the voice is an important part of your body language. Exclamations and approving smiles are part of it too, and an essential part of creating bonds between people.

How to get started - we'll start humming!

See you soon and let's hum together,



It is a great help in life to know how to manage different situations with the correct body language. Your personality sparkles when your voice is in the right place - how about your personality?

Lift your face & looks with your voice -minicourse is a course to get you going. A must-have course for voice-workers. Simple exercises. For everyday voice care. Starts 11th December 2023.

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