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Beauty is a Decision

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

By Meredith White, MP UK Instructor

‘Calm your forehead…’

‘Be behind your face…’

‘Dare to allow your face to shine!’

These are unusual requests for most of us and this is not how we are accustomed to relating to our own face! Marja Putkisto asks us to think about our own face in new ways and this allows us to create a new relationship with our face. Exciting, isn’t it? A Method Putkisto Face class is not about looking in the mirror and comparing. It’s not about copying, either. It’s about going inside and responding to Marja’s voice so that you find your own way to relate to your face.

What do we do in a Method Putkisto Face class? We stroke, we tap, we cover, we warm up the skin and we lift the face naturally. Ultimately, we release and relax, we balance and align, and we find our own expression from the inside out. It doesn’t stop at the face, either…MP Face aims to find the optimum position for the head and uses the neck to support the head, creating space between our cervical vertebrae. We avoid contorting the face or stretching the skin. Rather, we persuade our skin and our muscles to respond, so that by the end of the class we feel relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated.

All kinds of people take MP Face classes - mainly women - of all ages, all walks of life, and across many countries. The MP Face classes translate to the online format very well, as we all have a ringside seat. You can work in your own environment, wearing whatever is comfortable. You can even wear your pyjamas, if you wish! We are only seen from the neck up and there’s no obligation to keep your camera on. Taking the classes on Zoom gives us the opportunity to see the results in other people’s faces…and the results can be incredible! It’s a lot of fun seeing people’s faces open up, lift and destress.

Marja says that beauty is a decision. We have the choice to take charge of our own expression as we age and taking this forward is an exciting lifelong prospect!

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