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It is time to stretch yourself free from stiffness, feel and look great. But how?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

In 2021 give yourself a gift to LOVE the way you feel inside and out.

My passion is to give back independence to everyone, for them to know how to manage their well-being and know how to elongate the spine and stretch oneself back to normality. After all, to have aches and pains and feeling fatigue is not something one should have in one's life.

Today's exercise world is like an ‘all you can eat buffet’. Unfortunately the same happens as in a buffet, overeating (or undereating) makes you feel worse and can lead to loss of motivation. If the only sustainable fact in your life turned out to be the weight that has gathered around your middle? Particularly if no matter how many sit ups and classes you do, your body shape simply does not seem to improve. If additionally you feel stiff in the morning, your shoulders are creeping up towards your ears or this strange stooping figure you have seen from the shop window is you - it is time to do something! Do not lose the dream of improving your body shape just yet, instead It's time to ask, what happens, why and what is the best way forward?

As there is so much on offer; I will give you ONE simple question to start from: Have you ever thought that your muscles are simply too tight and short?

This is why I developed Method Putkisto, dynamic stretching technique of breathing, strengthening and meditation, systematically progressing you towards a better body SHAPE. When the muscles get short they pull our structure out of alignment and body out of shape. Any performance becomes difficult. When systematically elongating the muscles you can free yourself from this trapped position, your body simply returns back to its center position allowing you to feel and look better.

What makes this unique is how the method takes you that step further. As body shape is improving, as the waist line is lifted and the shoulderline opened up, so does self confidence. The key to get results is focusing the mind. You can learn to direct your mind to send messages to muscles to relax until a soothing sensation spreads all over your body, alleviating aches. It’s like a reboot for the body. At this point you will be able to activate new and unused muscle groups.

My mission is to teach everyone to manage independently, and on a daily basis, their own own well-being.

Needless to say, I need to solve some deeply rooted problems from my own body and that is why I created a whole method. Yes, it took over 30 years to master it as it is today. However the muscle shortness problem is more accurate today than ever before. The hours of sitting in front of computers will shorten the muscle and make everyone tired.

It is possible to love your body and feel well from ‘top to toe’. Learning how to balance your body and mind is hugely restorative.

Stretching well is a great way to break the vicious cycle of stress - reverting fatigue to strength and stiffness to flexibility. When and if you are in need of healing and soothing bodywork, Method Putkisto is both gentle and powerful to charge power to your core muscles, ease up the joints and tone the body.

The sessions are suitable for anyone who is new or who is experienced in body work. The method also offers a new fresh alternative way of exercising for anyone who feels ‘something is missing’.

To be truly happy in your own skin is possible. When you feel well in your own body, we have succeeded. I am proud and glad I can now share the experience with anyone ONLINE and really focus on taking you further.

Joining Marja's weekly sessions is a FUN and efficient way to

  • Relieve stress

  • Strengthen your body

  • Improve your posture

  • Enhance your metabolism

  • Optimise your sleep quality

  • Restore mobility

Marja Putkisto is the inventor of this unique specialised method. She is a known author and has written numerous books about her method. She is a household name in her home country Finland.

Join Marja’s online A Strong & Mobile Back sessions - a new 6 week course for Spring 2022 - starts 28th February. Read more HERE

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