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Time for beauty gym - exercise your face and glow

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Have you ever considered practicing regularly, even several times a week, and wondered what could happen to your looks if the exercising progressively moves on?

I have followed for decades one of the world's most respected beauty journalists, Newby Hands. For this reason, I remember how my clients went through a great deal of trouble to get hold of the powder she recommended, as it worked simply just like Newby said in her article. When she mentioned the word ‘glow’ and confirmed it as the latest beauty trend I found it very interesting. To hide aging is now ' ‘passee’ 'says Newby. Instead, she encourages maintaining skin radiance and talks from her heart to invest in this. I can’t agree more, as it is about looking fresh and toned that makes you look amazing.

Let’s improve that dull skin tone and shine!

When you look in the mirror and you do not like the tone of your face, it's time to take action.

  • Like the body, the face also needs exercise.

  • Regular facial exercising eliminates puffiness and supports and stimulates the metabolism of the face.

  • Skin regeneration can be improved and the facial muscles can be exercised to become firmer.

  • We are still unaware that this can be achieved by good facial exercise techniques. That is what facial exercises and also METHOD PUTKISTO BEAUTY GYM is all about.

I am sure we all agree that as we age it is not nice to notice that the skin no longer recovers in the same way as before.

The worst is when everything seems immediately visible on the face: eating or sleeping poorly, too much sun or alcohol and, with no doubt, when you are irritated or carry anger. All this will show, not only in your skin, but also bags under the eyes appear.

Stress is the number one enemy for beauty

We seem to be our own worst enemy particularly in relation to stress, as we often actively aggravate the level of stress by holding our breath and tensing our shoulders. No wonder the diaphragm stiffens, the mouth dries and the tissues lose their elasticity.

But what helps?

The skin is a wonderful emotional and intelligent organ. The skin breathes and moves with the lungs.

The skill of how to recuperate and relax really is an anti-aging activity.

When our breathing changes, the parasympathetic nervous system activates and the metabolism improves. All this shows in the skin and its tone. You can learn to appreciate your skin’s ability to regenerate and have the motivation to look after it.

We all know the beneficial effect of skin care, but very few have the real benefits of facial training, as it is another add on.It is one way to take your beauty routines to a whole new level. All you need is to learn simple exercises and logical processes.

It is also sometimes a cost saving alternative to brighten your looks and firm your skin.

“Oh, I wish I had previously realised what facial exercise offer and thus avoided unnecessary puffiness and bags under my eyes,’’ reflected a client of mine.

ONLINE has opened up a new culture in relation to beauty. Regular practice, in the right doses and intervals brings out completely new results. This is something that one must experience in order to have any idea what the real results are and how much they will improve.

What are the benefits?

Although wrinkles cannot be removed with exercise, they can be smoothed and their development can be slowed down.

It is important to activate the blood circulation in the face for skin regeneration. Whilst using different touches, tapping and strokes the mind calms down, the stress is relieved and the look becomes visibly calm. The best result is the smoothing of skin color and tone and the radiance of the skin.

When you get to know your face better, you will take the ‘beauty into your own hands

When you get in touch with your face it will literally ‘open up your eyes’ to the real potential of face exercising. It is extremely satisfying when you are able to feel the muscles of your face and learn how to use and control the development of your facial features. Also when you can feel the face becoming alive through practice and consciousness, instead of treatments or cosmetics.

I especially enjoy practicing different tapping exercises. Yes, the skin became clearer, it is a great help removing eye bags and tightening the double jaw. ” Marjatta


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MARJA PUTKISTO is the innovator of her Finnish BODY & FACE technique.

METHOD PUTKISTO INSTITUTE was established in 1993 and Face instructors have been trained since 2002, when Marja’s first book was published. Her latest Face Gym book was published in 2021 in Finland.

©Method Putkisto

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