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Love your body!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Look great and feel even better. Method Putkisto holds the secret to being truly happy in your own skin.

It is time to let go of tension and embrace a greater sense of well-being.

Enjoy the feeling of reaching a deeper level of exercising, alleviating fatigue and restoring energy and well-being.

Stretch yourself free from stiffness - and feel great!

Are you stiff and stooping, noticing changes to your body shape, or is weight beginning to gather around your middle?

You may feel fragile, your mind feels hazy, a headache is creeping into your life?

If you recognise any of these symptoms (or when you take a look in the mirror your shoulders are creeping up towards your ears) you are holding tension that almost certainly causes shallow breathing and further aches and pains.

Marja’s posture and breath work will enable you to break this vicious cycle and reclaim a relaxed body and mind.

Expect to increase your energy levels boosting your general sense of well-being.

Enjoy the Balancing Act. There is good news.

Learning how to balance your body and mind is hugely restorative. The exercises are targeted to stretch out the short, tight muscles and strengthen your back and abdominal corset.

Joining Marja's courses is an instant way to improve your body shape, charge power to your core muscles and re-energise your mind. During each session you will use the following:

  • Deep Stretching exercises - work specifically on elongating muscles that have become shortened through habitual misuse.

  • Deep breathing exercises - bring calm and conditioning, by boosting circulation and integrating the body and mind.

  • Deep core strengthening exercises - support your posture, restoring youthful alignment and perfect poise.

  • Warm up - Standing postures reinforce strength and balance.

Optimise your body shape AND love the way you feel inside and out.

During each session Marja’s exercises work on all levels of the muscles, from deep to the superficial, to strengthen your hips, legs, back and abdominals. There are exercises to improve the elasticity of the tendons and fascias through breathing, but also with exercises which will strengthen your bone density. Marja also uses skilfully nerve stretches which improve the overall connectivity of the body.

Method Putkisto is a complete body work concept. In its essence Method Putkisto’s unique stretching techniques and breathing exercises help to:

  • Relieve stress

  • Strengthen your body

  • Improve your posture

  • Enhance your metabolism

  • Optimise your sleep quality

  • Restore mobility

  • Transform your body shape

MARJA SAYS: "At its best each session is like dynamic meditation, the feeling spreading from head to toes, whilst alleviating aches and strengthening the muscles. Exercising can be soothing, yet efficient. When you feel well in your own body, we have succeeded."

These in-depth well-being sessions are suitable for everybody. Marja, as a developer of the Method, has passionately focused on mastering her teaching/instructing for over 30 years.

‘’Sessions are calming, gentle, healing - and always fresh and new.’’ Lisa

‘’Marja, with her positive and encouraging determination, all this is systematically progressing you towards your potential.’’ Anu


  • Marja’s online Course classes are live and lifestyle-friendly lasting from 30 minutes in the day to 55 minutes in the evenings.

  • You can join the sessions in the mornings and evenings or do them from recordings. You will receive these after each session.

  • Sessions are suitable if you are complete beginners as well as experienced in body work.

Say goodbye to fatigue and discover energy, strength and flexibility. Enjoy this unique way to exercise, enhancing your body and persona.

Our ‘Strong and Mobile Back’ course starts Monday 28th February 2022. Discover more HERE.

Read our Stretch yourself to be connected blog HERE

© Method Putkisto

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